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What is the ACE program and how do I join one?

While the focus in Audiology is commonly on hearing aid technology and programming, hearing aids are technological solutions that, in many cases, do not deliver the desired holistic hearing and social outcomes that older adults in our community deserve.

The Active Communication Education (ACE) program is an evidence-based group aural rehabilitation program designed to run independently or in conjunction with hearing aid services (i.e., participants may or may not have hearing aids).

It aims to help adults with hearing loss and their significant others to become more effective communicators and to provides them with coping strategies for everyday life.

It has been shown to improve participants’ hearing goals and quality of life.  

The ACE runs for 5 weekly sessions of 2 hours and is facilitated by an audiologist or another health professional such as a nurse or speech pathologist.  

BHA run regular ACE programs throughout Brisbane. See their website for more information.  

Updated on November 23, 2022

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