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What is an Induction Loop? 

An induction loop is an assistive listening system. It involves the installation of a physical loop made of copper wire. An electromagnetic field is created that users with hearing aids can connect to by switching on a telecoil.

An induction loop system broadcasts room audio via an electromagnetic field created by a concealed wire running along the room’s perimeter. The microphone used by the speaker delivers an electromagnetic signal along the wire to the user’s hearing aids. No additional receiver is required as the system relies on a built-in telecoil inside the hearing aid.  

If your hearing aids have a telecoil, you can turn it on via a remote controller or a program button on the hearing aid. It then connects to the hearing loop system.  

If your hearing aids are incompatible or do not contain a telecoil, you can get a loop receiver to access a hearing induction loop. Speak to your audiologist about possible accessories to help you access hearing loops.  

LoopMe by BHA has more information on hearing loops and hearing augmentation solutions.

Updated on November 24, 2022

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